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Zanim skończę przynudzać, chciałbym podziękować gorąco osobom, bez których Wielka Kolekcja Past Polskich Czanów nie istniałaby, bądź zawierałaby znacząco mniej treści: Anonkom-pisarzom, za ich kreatywność i zaangażowanie, które zaowocowały niezliczonymi pastami....

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Don't you know the government just creates bits of paper it calls debt (bonds and gilts) then gets the Bank of England to create a load of money to buy this debt? You can't print enough to pay because you've promised more than the economy can generate. less than £15k or £ 25k £50k 250k per year no one as said what amount this is yet....

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Walt Disney named Mickey Mouse after Mickey Rooney, whose mother he dated for some time....

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Large holders of foreign currency reserves, especially China, said it was in their best interest to diversify their holdings into euros and other currencies rather than primarily dollars....

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Ray Burke had limited the advertising minutes on RTÉ a few years previously....

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