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Adult campfire stories

Some have argued that the first meme in history was a trippy music video called "All Your Base are Belong to Us." This video begins with a badly translated video game cutscene, then launches forward with a sequence depicting hundreds of Photoshops: in each image, the title ("All Your Base are Belong to Us") is plastered on everything from highway signs to cereal boxes, accompanied by a rocking techno soundtrack. Well, it's all about that badly translated cutscene.

Little's photogenic fame grew so immense that he was even interviewed on Nothing says victory like the image of the Success Kid, that determined toddler pumping his fistful of sand in a show of conquest.

Even when you leave home for too long and they chew up the couch out of separation anxiety, it just takes one loving stare from those puppy eyes to make the human heart melt like butter.

It was no surprise when the internet lit up with images of "Doge," an adorable Shiba Inu surrounded by little messages written in Comic Sans.

Doge fever reached such heights that the image spun off into a satirical cryptocurrency called Dogecoin, which at one point escalated to a market value of 0 million, according to the .

However, few people know the triumphant true story of the doggo that would become Doge.

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Other posters added their own bits of mythology, including a modified woodcut that made it appear as if the Slender Man legend stretched back for centuries.