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Geetabitan online dating

We sincerely hope to host a site that may offer an opportunity to publish their good work to the global audience.

People may send us their recordings in audio format (mp3 or wma) for review.

Additionally viewers have the opportunity to download or print the lyric, notation and staff notation as pdf files are available with the songs. notations, translations and download buttons please go to the bottom of the page and find A, B, C, D .... Please read the following carefully before you go to any lyric page.

In the previous version all the lyric pages are loaded with the contents of Bengali and English lyric, notation (swaralipi) in Bengali, pdf links for notation, pdf and midi links for staff notation, English translation, Hindi translation and about the song i.e. People used to access all the related contents of a particular song in a single page. Please find the navigation links which looks like this (image below) is available in all the lyric pages at the bottom of the page.

People may download lyrics, notations and staff notations in pdf format.

We feel pleasure to introduce promising Rabindra Sangeet singers in recent times with their songs and musical profile.

Rabindra Sangeet (Tagore song) has its own style, rhythm, base and many things to follow when it is sung.

Rabindra Sangeet has also a time and place to sing according to its parjaay.

lyric, notation (swaralipi), taal, raag, parjaay and upa-parjaay.

I was easily able to find the book printed in Bangla script online, but couldn’t find any which has been transliterated into English.

Information about almost every lyric of Tagore song with notation, parjaay, taal, raag, background history of songs, dance drama with notations, staff notations, English translations and much more.

Now from this version each of these contents will be available in different pages, not in the same page.

This has been designed because, A) to reduce page loading time. People may request for it if found 'not available'.

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This is free service to our viewers and if you find it unavailable you may request for it.

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