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Suite People empowers Managers and HR professionals to streamline employee information, new hires, employee onboarding, payroll, promotions and compensation changes, all from a single Suite.While also enabling employees by providing them with the ability to request time-off, access employee directories and organization charts, monitor upcoming vacation schedules, monitor new hires, and publicly recognize peers for good work.Title IX requires that "upon notice of gender-based harassment that creates a hostile environment, an institution must take immediate action to eliminate the harassment, prevent its recurrence, and address its effects." In order to remedy the hostile environment, campuses should provide safety and remedial measures and the option to participate in their resolution/conduct process.This session provides detailed, practical tips on where to begin with a new campus case, how to assist a survivor with obtaining the safety and remedial measures they need, and how to assist a survivor throughout all stages of the resolution process.Requirements under the federal Clery Act provide a foundation for an institution's campus safety and security policies.The Act offers critical rights and options to survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking.HR often must compile and update headcount trend data by hand, to minimize preparation time Headcount Analysis automatically aggregates the information most relevant to headcount changes (hires, turnovers, trends).HR can now spend more time in understanding the headcount trends, and performing analysis by drilling down to specific employee segments.

The Employee Center helps put your people first in your organization by providing an additional role tailored to your people which allows them to complete tasks that matter to them.

With our robust, easy-to-use and scalable platform, we are ready to be your partner for your outsourced payroll and HR.

i Solved offers our customers the following advantages with payroll management: Cloud-based, easy-to-use, with robust reporting capabilities, i Solved is a single source of entry for payroll solutions.

HKP offers a full plate of human capital management solutions to serve you, including i Solved, HKP’s outsourced solution for payroll management, HR and benefits.

i Solved is a cloud-based complete payroll solution that is one database and one easy point-of-entry system for: Whether you are currently processing payroll in-house or outsource your payroll, you will realize the immediate benefits with HKP.

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Participants gain information on the importance of language access in identifying and serving victims, and identify tools and program models that address the systemic barriers facing survivors of human trafficking who are deaf, hard-of-hearing, or LEP. Hayes and Taylor Loomis from Sanctuary for Families, discusses how two key programs at Sanctuary for Families, the Economic Empowerment Program and the Anti-Trafficking Initiative, have come together to ensure the short- and long-term success of the clients they serve. House; Liz Chacko, Deputy Director, Friends of Farmworkers; Corinne Guest, Therapist and Program Coordinator, La Puerta Abierta; and Kathleen Thomas, Clinical Training Coordinator, Project LIFE, North County Lifeline.