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About 30 000 were murdered in the name of the Islamic religion.

If religion was something you smoke or injected in your veins, it would be illegal, but more people have died from overdosing on faith than from heroin, crack, smoking and alcohol put together.

It was revealed that members of Ayatollahs death committees gained high ranking position in the Iranian government.

During the hearing in mentioned Tribunal, witnesses gave detailed gruesome verbal evidences about the occurrences, a metaphor of Dante-s Inferno.

The ships agent arranged a car with chauffeur for a trip up to Kandy located in the Central Highland.

Kandy is known to be the capital of the Sinhalese population.

During that time, Japanese shipyards were fully occupied in order to satisfy Norwegian ship owners orders of new ships.

During my visit to shipyards, several times at Asano Dockyard, Yokohama, war widows carried out certain jobs onboard, usual odd jobs which was beneath the men’s dignity to carry out.I learned to know that some ship owners, in particular from Southern Norway, strictly forbidden that kind of heathendom imposed upon their ships.The Japanese carried out the blessing anyway during nights.During the period of 6 years as a sailor on the Far East and Middle East trade, I utilized the opportunities to enjoy the folklore as well knowledge about the prevailing religions in the different regions.In Japan, the Shinto, Buddhism as well Christianity.

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All along the trade, China, Burma, The Philippines, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan and the Gulf States. During my stay in Japan, I learned about the intersection of Shinto religion and politics.

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